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Dear colleagues and friends,

It is an honour and pleasure to announce the XII Congress of the Spanish Society for Community Nutrition (SENC), “NUTRIMAD 2018”,that will be held jointly with the IV World Congress of Public Health and Nutrition from the 24-27 October 2018 in Madrid (Spain). The national and international Congresses fall under the scope of “A Global View of Food and Community Nutrition-NUTRIMAD 2018” and they are a continuation of the successful events held in 2012 in Cadiz, in 2014 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria together with the III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition, and the most recent national event held in Zaragoza in 2016.

We hope, and are convinced, that NUTRIMAD 2018 will be a high-level scientific Congress, and it means that Madrid will become the world capital of Community Nutrition and Public health during those days. To fulfil our objectives, plenary sessions, panel sessions and symposia will be held, as well as workshops and courses, both before and during the Congress. This will favour active participation of Congress attendees at all times, offering significant space for the presentation of new work and research and, what is even more important, contacts between participants who will have the opportunity over these few days to share their projects, exchange opinions and to be together “scientifically and humanly”, as in customary at our Congresses.

From the very beginning the intention has been to offer a variety of themes that, apart from being a true reflection of the multidisciplinary nature of food and nutrition, allows for discussions due to the participation of a very diverse group of interested professionals. As a preview, and without going into too much detail, current issues will be addressed including: “Education for better nutrition: what is the situation today?”; “Social aspects of food”; “The Mediterranean Diet: a multidisciplinary view”; “Physical exercise, emotional balance and food”; “Community Nutrition for an ageing society”; “Food Sustainability”; “Healthy Gastronomy”; “Hydration at a community level”; “Community living and eating: from collective dining places to commercial catering and leisure”, among others.

To achieve our goals, we have set up a multidisciplinary organizational team, experts in the fields of nutrition, food and public health that includes institutions such as Madrid Universities and Public Administrations, with the common aim of providing our experience, work and great enthusiasm so we can meet in Madrid in October 2018. Madrid is currently one of the main attraction metropolitan areas for technology and innovation, and it is undeniably known for its open, welcoming and friendly character as well as being cosmopolitan, and thus a permanent tourist, cultural and gastronomic attraction.

From Madrid we would like to invite you to share a few days of science, to exchange ideas and projects and, in addition, to enjoy our city. We hope to see you here in Madrid: Meeting Place, 24-27 October 2018.

On the official Congress webpage you will find all the necessary practical information, and it allows you to register, reserve accommodation and send papers.

Gregorio Varela Moreiras
Chair of the XII SENC Congress
IV World Congress of Public Health Nutrition
Carmen Pérez Rodrigo
 President SENC